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  1. Humans do not die; Death is Human construct. The only change that typically occurs when someones biological counterpart (their physical body) shuts down is an unbinding of the entitie’s Quantum Information Body (sometimes called a spirit or soul) from its entanglement with the biological brain, which ideally a person approaching the second half of their physical life will have begun outgrowing, as its basic consciousness augmentations such as behavioral reinforcement (for driving feeding, and, on the other side of the sword, addiction and others) can be implemented by the rapidly evolved conscience itself. For example, I place my hippocampus under dissociative anesthesia whenever I want the ability to learn information unrestricted or influenced by ego or otherwise. The hippocampus, ironically has been considered an area where memory functions take place and project into the Q.I.B. Yet it is the first area (via NMDA receptor antagonism among other items that I turn off when researching heavily. This has a lot to do with how I can be who I am, with zero credentials, at age 38. (you dont need to disable the hippocampal CA3 region or any biological brain region to learn and maintain a reasonable attention span aperture, but in my case it helps. Your mileage may vary. -David Phillips


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