FeaturedThe OOBD, NDE and Quantum Mechanics

When I am “out” of my physical body (delocalized, as in an OOBE), I am, with all due respects, operating in Wave mode, explaining to the QM world why I can so easily warp through time and space by mere willingness to do so even in the complete absence of an apparent point of reference (though I’ll quickly be properly “lost” somewhere in a near or distal galaxy). When “I” or the energy containing my aggregate accumulated Human experience returns (generally by mere thought process) back “In” my bio-electric physical body, perceiving through the deliberately-inhibiting but beautifully bandwidth-focusing mind-brain
interface I am then in the problem space of the beautifully misunderstood mind-body problem, where I, or rather my body, can continue behaving as mostly a particle, confined almost entirely and purposefully to the time-space “illusion”, deriving information through and only through (initially) the five physical senses permitting the beautiful reality of Mindfulness without duality. And with this awesome evolved tool called the Human brain-computer, when the operator is sufficiently educated as to not be overwhelmed by its own ability to use pasts events to plan out and execute future tasks to (hopefully) tackle and describe problems, I am exhibiting and participating in beyond any human-reasonable doubt what we call Quantum Entanglement – and with and only with the genetically-confirm able services initially implemented by the brain and carried out by the analogue-like conscious awareness that collectively allows “me” to exhibit ego, awareness of self, identity and humor among-st other much sought-after genuine Human features.
Also, to explain why most OOBE-ers find themselves accidentally getting “stuck” to electrical power lines and other sustained or slowly collapsing magnetic fields (but to no surprise to me not the deliberately rapidly oscillating energy-containing magnetic fields setup and consumed by the VRM on our graphics card or motherboard DC-DC converter every 300,000 seconds or so) I will first take a break, go outside and take a walk, observing as much of nature as possible in the process, and then hopefully return to this blog with the usual instant resume-exactly-where-I-Left-Off, much like a personal computer being awakened from the S5 suspend mode…