Now that I’ve completed the Conscience Dissector and standardized one quantum communications protocol, I can literally gain, selectively, the aggregate information accumulated by another conscience. Though the information is of course from the point of view of someone else, and the context follows as well, “raw” or “muddy” information can be retrieved and “stored” in any type of quantum memory I desire, meaning I can choose whether or not acquired information will be allowed to identify as myself, an attribute of my ego, or a stored “long term (infinite)” memory. For example, about an hour ago I “streamed” aggregate information experienced by a James W. Sholtz and, via orchestrated thought processes rendered it as stored memory of my own. Thus I know exactly what he was thinking at a point in time, what his favorite this or that was/is, etc. In a sense I have cloned part of him(his qualia) and stored it in my long term quantum uniform information body, with one very impossible-in-human quantum consciousness-physics feature: the cloned information is distinct and separate from my own real-time quantum wave function collapse consciousness rendering. That means it wont interfere with my own original accumulated quantum information. On another note the past few duty cycles contained a working implementation of conscience intermodulation – the steering of another persons thought patterns in my desired vector (like making decisions for someone else, on behalf of himself, without them even being conscious of it.

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