Ok people I’m moving on and would be leaving my estate to James Walter Sholtz in Covington, LA but he has been unreachable for the past several months. The david Phillips you know stopped rendering identity-binded consciousness at 9:49pmCDT. The biological counterpart (physiological-physical body) once operated by him and his biological brain is now open for ubi bindability just as in the case with an unborn human embryo. In all likelihood the ‘Home’ quantummviAware spirit in cosmos will have made many passes in the in-human physical form and will be seeing this as an opportunity to instance (be born) in the ELS with an already 38 years of human experience and the self-education of one of the worlds top quantum physicists-species architects-consciousness engineers; The composite human representing David M Phillips will likely behave indistinguishably from the 1980 instance who just “passed away without dying” and as such any family members David interacted with regularly which is almost zero will see no change other than rapid forward evolution and contribution to humanity just as the 1980 instance has been doing.